Om nom nom. More wedding cards plz!

By on Jun. 11th

When OBT member Caitlin first introduced us to her wedding card nomming monster he (yes, it's a he) looked like this…

Caitlin explains, "We were contemplating an interesting wedding card recepticle. My first idea was a decorated mailbox so people could leave us 'mail' in the form of wedding cards. I was pretty pleased with this idea since I haven't seen it anywhere else."

But her partner had even bigger and better plans for their little monster…

He suggested glueing eyes and teeth on the thing and making it a Wedding Card Nom-Monster. They even added arms and a sign saying, "I Can Haz Ur Wedding Cardz pls? Nom nom!"

And here is the final result, gaze upon the Wedding Card Nom-Monster in all it's noming glory…

How awesome is this guy!? Thanks to Caitlin for sharing this and, I'm sure, being the spark that spawned a hoard of Nom-Monsters taking over wedding card duties.

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