The Salt Covenant: An alternative unity ceremony + wedding gift from Centered Ceramics

By on Jun. 11th

During ancient times, agreements and promises were sealed by a salt covenant. Each person would take a pinch of salt from their pouch and place it in the pouch of the other. This agreement could not be broken unless an individual could retrieve their own grains of salt.

Centered Ceramics is bringing back this awesome symbolic exchange in style with their raku-fired salt eggs.

What does an egg have to do with salt? What does salt have to do with marriage and how can you possibly get one of these for free? Keep reading to get the answers to all these questions and more…

Each Centered Ceramics Raku Salt Egg comes with

  • Glazed egg sat cellar
  • Names of the couple and their wedding date on the bottom
  • An informational card about Salt Covenants
  • A spoon
  • Two custom labeled salt bags made from recycled table cloths (the labels can be customized to reflect any union and/or blended family)
  • An Informational card about Raku
  • And a fabric gift bag made from recycled material

And every piece is totally unique — there are no two identical pieces of Raku pottery! The eggs even range in size and shape, so these make awesome wedding gifts.

So what does salt have to do with marriage, exactly?

Salt is all about adding flavor, melting ice and preserving stuff — I'm sure you can get all those analogies on your own. And when ya think about it like that, I can see why this could easily take the place of sand ceremonies and unity candles.

And after the wedding day covenant has been made, Centered Ceramics' egg can then used daily as a salt cellar that sits on the kitchen counter.

Okay, yeah, fine, that whole salt thing makes more sense now, but what does an egg have to do with salt?

Well, as Centered Ceramics put it, "The egg shape symbolizes the full cycle of life, and therefore encompasses all that you will enjoy, create, and love with in your life together." Plus it's freaking adorable and easy to hold!

So how can you get one for free?

Centered Ceramics does giveaways for your best "how we met" and "proposal stories" every two months via their Facebook page. And if you'd rather not take your chances then head over to their Etsy shop and scoop one up for yourself or for your favorite engaged couple!