Red dress, red veil, motorcycle sprocket bouquet – homg yes!

By on Jun. 9th

both laughingSo this is an adorable shot. And I saw it and was like (to copy and paste from a conversation I had with Ariel) "Homg, red dress, wtf is that bouquet — it's amazing! Yes." And then Ariel sent me this picture which explained the bouquet…

The bride's sprocket bouquet

"I designed this bouquet and had it custom-made. The base is a rear motorcycle sprocket for my Suzuki SV650. I had a local welder attach a metal handle to the back, and weld the front sprocket to the front center of the entire thing. I chose a single flower for the center, with a narrow stem and large petals, to make a simple visual statement while allowing the sprocket teeth to remain visible."

I am pretty sure that this is our first motorcycle bouquet. Couple that with an amazing red dress and beautiful red birdcage veil and my brain went splody.

Thanks to Janna for submitting this to the OBB Flickr pool! We want a bride profile ASAP, lady.

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