Feynman-style Hindu wedding program

Guestpost by Kiersten on Jun. 3rd

Kiersten decided that instead of explaining their upcoming Hindu wedding ceremony to everyone who would be attending, that she would just make a very detailed program to explain the goings on, and she drew inspiration from an extremely unlikely source.

We decided we definitely needed a very detailed program to explain what is going on during our Hindu wedding ceremony. But there are little traditions and customs of weddings that aren't really part of the ceremony (like the whole "something blue" thing). I've been thinking about how to include those in the program without detracting from the "serious" stuff. Our guests would probably like to play the little games and get in on the fun bits of the ceremony, we just have to tell them what they are.

Our problem was already solved… in the Richard Feynman Lectures on Physics.

The serious ceremony stuff can go in the fat column, and fun little notes & pictures can go in the skinny column next to the related ceremony bits. And the Feynman layout worked really well…

Click here to see the rest of the wedding program.

It looks nice and will be really good at conveying information — even the format is communicative of the "serious important ceremony" + "fun little embellishments and traditions" idea. (It's in LaTeX — if anyone wants to steal the layout one day, I can help.)

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Kiersten got her PhD in May of this year from a school in the midwest, and just moved to Boston. Her fiance is Indian and she's American so they're wedding will combine the things they like from each tradition and fill in the gaps with their own stuff. Oh yeah and she's a feminist who practices Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. So don't mess with her!