Jazmin's muy caliente wedding dress

By on Jun. 21st


Ay ay ay! Megan and I borderline stalked Jazmin to get more details on this incredible gown. So here's the scoop. Jazmin found herself between a rock and a hard place when dress shopping. She needed a light weight dress (she got married in Mexico) and something affordable. When she didn't have any luck buying one she decided the next best option was to make it herself.


She crafted this delight out of linen with a light cotton lining. The bottom was a separate petticoat that she layered with torn pieces of the same linen as the dress, and a sheer chiffon type fabric. Muy caliente.

Now for the best part, the embroidered train! With only three month until the wedding, Jazmin called upon her friend River for help. With some design direction from Jazmin, River drew inspiration from Caia Koopman's work to embroider the train. River lovingly dedicated over 100 hours to finish it! Jeez, but totally worth it, because this gown is gorgeous! Jazmin is actually planning on framing it once she is able to clean the dress.

Hopefully now we can talk her into giving us more details on the actual wedding next! Until then, head on over to her flickr for more photos.

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