Epic wedding porn of epicness from Meghann and Shasta

Check out a sneaky peaky of a wedding so full of greatness that it was submitted to us by several different OBB readers…
Meghann and Shasta titled this photo "Epic Photo of Epicness" but I think their entire WEDDING should be titled that. Let's see what we got here…

  • OBT member Meghann, in a gorgeous, yellow, even-Disney-princessess-would-be-jealous wedding dress.
  • Her bride, Shasta, in blue mother-effing suit hand made by Meghann, and draped with rainbow ribbons.
  • Rainbow ribbons!
  • An awesome bouquet made up of all sorts of wonderful stuff.

And don't even get me started on the wedding party…

Wedding Party
Almost all of their clothes were hand-made by Meghann. Omg, does that bridesmaid's suit have tails? I just love it.

We'll be giving you the entire scoop on this beautiful lesbian wedding soon, but for now here's the porn. Slurp up all of the offbeat details…

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  1. That. Is. Beautiful.

    I love love love the handmade gowns and suit, the outdoor setting, that AWESOME photo-captured kiss. Just stunning.

  2. I love that I can come to this website, see something like this, and scroll down to the comments fearlessly, knowing there won't be any "crazies" waiting in the wings with terrible comments.

    Amazing wedding….just….awesome. On so many levels.

  3. I couldn't even get it together enough to make my own dress much less the ENTIRE wedding party's! Holy cow girl–you're Superwoman! Hat's off to you both. xox

  4. The detail that I just cannot get over is the butterfly motif. It's so, so beautiful and so elegant, and the mind, she is blown. I also love the attendants in white, with color details that match the bride that they're attached to. Also, when I saw the first photo on the homepage, I squeaked "OMG, she looks like a Disney princess!" Oh my lord, it is all just extra-gorgeous.
    I was actually having a really extra-lousy morning, but I went through all the pictures and now I'm grinning like a fool.

  5. *flail* I can tell this is going to be some serious squee-worthy wedding porn. That dress is amazing!! And I love the suit, the whole bridal party is fabulous.

  6. I can't wait for all the details on this one. Amazing. And impressive…the outfits are all so well made!

  7. wow!!! ( wiping drool off the keyboard) its…porntastic! what an amazingly beautifull perfect wedding, they sooo love eachother. you can see that so clearly. wonderfull!

  8. Lawd, how do I gets a dress like that. Plus, everyone looks amazing and the whole thing looks like a blast. :3

  9. I actually saw these photos on the website for a place we are considering having our wedding at. I am so THRILLED that they are here on OBB!! Wonderful!!

  10. First: OMG cutest couple EVER.
    Second: The next time you speak with Meghann, you must find out where she got her butterflies. I've been looking for ones just like them!

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