How to tell wedding guests what to wear

Guestpost by Mari on May. 17th

Quite a few people have asked me what they should wear to our "casual lowcountry wedding shindig," and I've given them lots of suggestions. But I thought I would make a little pamphlet (that I emailed/Facebooked to the guests) to help everyone with packing.

Feel free to steal this idea! It was actually my dad's — he had just gotten off the phone with one of the guests (poor, confused soul) and said, "Maybe you could make a cute 'what to wear' guide to tell them what to pack?" I thought it was brilliant, and started thinking of what TV shows/movies that Ryan (FH) and I loved, and go with those!

I thought it would tell people that we were serious when we said we wanted people to be comfy… and at the same time, be goofballs. ;) I hope it helps them!

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Mari is a culinary school student in Tennessee while her betrothed is lives and works in Georgia. And soon they will be wed in South Carolina where they will be eating truckloads of fried pickles at the wedding reception.