The wonderful world of wedding ring tattoos

By on May. 12th

Matt and Sarah got black wedding bands tattooed on their ring fingers. I like that hers is thinner than his, cute detail.

I LOVE the wedding ring tattoos and I love that our Offbeat Brides have come up with so many different ways to make theirs their own, from initials, to names, to bands and engagement tatts.

While it's worth noting that tattoos on the hands can fade or blur with time AND that finger tattoos hurt like hell (more than tatts on fleshier skin!), we still think these are awesome.

So come with me as we enter the wonderful world of wedding ring tattoos! A truly great way to show how insanely committed the two of you are.

Here are a few of the awesome offbeat couples that have graced us with pictures of their wedding ring ink…

our wedding bands!Check out Katie and James here, instead of wedding rings they got tattoos, and instead of a wedding ring tattoo they got each others first initial tattooed on their ring fingers.

wedding date tattoos, about 5 minutes oldRight after their ceremony Annie and Rob went into another room with their tattoo-artist friend who did their wedding ring finger tattoos right then and there!

The Anti-Engagement RingCheck out Christine (of the astronaut wedding)'s "anti-engagement ring" tattoo. I love that it looks like a funky piece of jewelry.

Diyan & Ani

Photo courtesy of Sun Pictures/Lakshman

Diya and Ani got each other's name tattooed on their ring fingers instead of a wedding ring.

This is Morgana, of green and purple fairy wedding dress fame and her wedding ring/palm tattoos.

Wedding Tattoos
I dig how Jen and Grady's wedding ring tatts don't match. As Jen explains,

Grady and I wanted really personal wedding tattoos. Being that he is a bass player, I had a bass clef tattooed on my ring finger. And got an infinity symbol tattoo which matches and infinity symbol I have on my right wrist under the letters L.V.A. which stand for Love. Value. Appreciate.

Julia & Shannon-0056

Photo by Sea Studio

This is Shannon and her wedding ring tattoo. Her wife Julie said, "I love that this shot shows her tattoo wedding band, which is now usually covered up by her ring. So handsome."

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