Putting the FAVOR in wedding favors

By on May. 19th

Remember the most beautifully geeky invites that Tribe member Lara drew and designed herself? Well she's back with a unique favor idea (and as usual it's beautifully designed).

Lara explains, "My future husband and I were having a slightly silly conversation while out for dinner the other day, and he suggested that instead of making or buying favours, (or maybe as well as) we make ours actual favours. As in things we will do for people in the future to help them out."

The cute little name tag will also enable these favors to double as place cards.

And check out how they look when they're unrolled…

They decided to make each guest a little scroll with three different favors from which they can choose — a free drink from their cash bar, custom illustrations from Lara, help moving, house/spring cleaning, computer help, cupcakes etc. And their guests can swap if they like, which is a great way to encourage conversation amongst strangers.

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