Why do grooms get the coolest cakes?

By on May. 14th

While perusing the OBB Flickr pool for wedding cake photos I kept stumbling upon some amazingly unique cakes and when I'd check out the descriptions I'd notice that more often than not they were the groom's cake. I saw so many wonderful cakes that I couldn't help but share them with you.

wedding photosThis cake is from De Anne & Warren's The Hitchening. Warren asked for "an octopus on the cake, wanting/protecting it… but the octopus should also be made of cake." Ta-da!

Grooms CakeThis NES cake is from Aly and Nathan's wedding. Who hasn't loved their Nintendos so much that they wanted to eat it!?

Surprise Grooms Cake More of an XBox fan? Not a problem check out Jay's "surprise X Box 360 groom's cake." Surprise! It's fraking awesome!

The Groom's Cake An extremely talented bride actually made this groom's cake. The poor bear is so delicious that it's actually eating it's own eye.

Groom's Cake Here's an Igloo cooler with beer. Yum on both levels. Any home brewers out there? You could pull this off with some of your special wedding day brews!

Both cakes 1 I love that this cake from Lea and Jess' Wedding for several reasons. First even though they called it the groom's cake it was actually for Jess, the other bride of the day. And it plays off of the wedding cake toppers. It's a devil duckie on a lake of fire and it apparently mimics her wife's tattoo.

warp to level seven Sometimes groom's cakes aren't even cakes, like this pixelated Mario spread from Adri and Christian's wedding. LOVE LOVE LOVE this.

Look at this cake!!
Dannette surprised her groom with this drum cake that matched his own white snare drum. The customized drum sticks were a brilliant touch.

cakesRice Krispie Treat cake FTW! I would eat this "cake" from Shea and Jason's wedding every night for dinner AND dessert. In fact, right after I finish this post I'm going to make one.

img052 This groom's cake is a double whammy — two cakes! But I absolutely love that skull cake.

IMG_0660 This is the Superman cake from Jennifer and Mark's vintage Barbie wedding. It was beautiful executed by a local mom and it's so appropriately topped with Superman rescuing Lois Lane!

The dragon cakeMeet the dragon cake that stole my heart. I don't know if I would even be able to eat this guy. But apparently the groom could and he even got to cut slay it with a sword.

Did you or your partner have an awesome "groom's cake" at your wedding? Submit a picture of it to our Offbeat Bride Flickr pool [be sure to tag it "groom's cake"] and I just might do another mind-blowing groom's cake round-up!

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