Adrianna's incredible steampunk wedding dress

By on Apr. 28th

Woweewowowza, check out OBT member Adrianna in her fantabulous steampunk wedding dress. She recently did a photo shoot with photographer, Thomas Doggett at the Illinois Railway Museum and produced some amazing old timey fashion photos.

The dress (and the jewelry) was designed by Nancy Wong of Aerisk Fashion. It was Nancy's first steampunk wedding dress and she was kind enough to give up all the details…

"I was instantly in love with Adrianna's direction for the dress of having influences from the TV series Deadwood and Victorian Fabric and Colors. During the design process of the dress I wanted to keep true to the Victorian era and have design features that punctuates the sci-fi inspirations of steampunk.

"I used a lush midnight blue rose pattern jacquard weave because rich blue gave a very regal look and the pattern made it very classy. This fabric was used for the bolero and bustle. To make the blue pop I used a champagne ivory Sateen fabric for the main dress. Then I used a variety of laces to add more richness to the ensemble. The part of the dress that really differentiates the dress from a traditional Victorian remake is the corset, which is made of a dark chocolate brown vegan leather material and adorned with aged brass color buttons and gold chains.

"This piece really gave the feel of a refined classy gal living in a rough-n-ready cowboy town. Whose knows what this gal is pack'in in her garter belt."

I mean, look how natural she looks in an old West setting. How cool is that? To see more photos from this steampunky fashion shoot, head over to Thomas Doggett's facebook gallery and get ready to get jealous.