Sexy Pin-up style photos from Seattle Boudoir Photography

By on Apr. 16th

If you're looking for a completely mind-blowing gift for your partner then you have arrived my friend. What could be better than high quality, fun and sexy photos of their future wife, or husband!? (Yes I said husband, why not!?)

Seattle Boudoir Photography is, well, exactly what their name says — they're  a specialized photography studio focusing on boudoir photography, based in the heart of Belltown, Seattle. Their boudoir packages start at less than $300 and include full hair and makeup, wardrobe services, hors d'oeuvres and drinks (gotta have the drinks).

Keep reading for an amazing bachelorette party idea and to see pictures that were too hot for the OBB home page! [WARNING: Some of these shots might be a little NSFW.]

Seattle Boudoir Photography does Boudoir Bachelorette Parties! How cool is that!? They designed their bachelorette party to combine serious pampering and styling with one of their awesome photographers in order to create beautiful, sensual photographs of everyone in the party. And did I mention the drinks?

"Our approach is focused on a team of professionals futzing over our clients, celebrating the amazing beauty and energy of our clients, no matter what size, shape or age they are. And it's a blast as we create an atmosphere that is fun, creative and empowering."
– Phil Holden, owner of Seattle Boudoir Photography

So if you want Seattle Boudoir Photography to document your amazing beauty with tasteful and artistic (but mostly HAWT) photographs, then head over to their site and make all of your sexy pin-up dreams come true!