OMGROBOT cake topper

By on Apr. 5th

Check out OBT member Amorae's robots in love cake topper! The little robots are modeled after Amorae and her FH, Jonny, right down to the tiniest detail. And when I say tiny, I mean TINY…

"[Jennifer from Bolts and Bots on Etsy] put so much detail into them, it's amazing! Jonny's bot is holding a Nintendo controller because he loves video games and my bot is holding a wand because I'm obsessed with Harry Potter. She even made our feet look like the custom chucks we got for the wedding! All the way down to the fact that Jonny's are slip ons and mine have laces."

OMGROBOT I love this so much. And for some pop-culture robot oogling, you should check out the Bolts and Bots shop on Etsy.

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