Unique paper flower bouquets and accessories from Bookworm Eats Flower

By on Apr. 2nd

Bookworm Eats Flower is a London-based Etsy shop that makes custom paper flower bouquets (along with decor, hair accessories and boutonnieres). And the great thing about these bouquets is, well, there's a lot of things actually…

  • It's the only way to have flowers that are out of season while still being eco-friendly.
  • You can have flowers that wouldn't usually work in bouquets, like daffodils.
  • You can have flowers that don't even exist like polka-dotted daisies and newsprint roses.
  • And they never die!

Bookworm Eats Flower uses varnish to make the products weather-resistant. And the varnish helps to make each piece a durable keepsake, without any further treatment needed.

"I strive to keep my business sustainable, and use only high-quality paper, usually recycled. I also like to incorporate found and vintage papers and buttons into my work. Mixing materials of different patterns and textures is fab; wood, metal, rubber, plastic, and paper can be amazing together."
-Lauren from Bookworm Eats Flower

Of course, these paper flowers are completely appealing to the English major in me. And how perfect would these be for a library wedding? Ooh! Or for a music-inspired weddings, to make them out of sheet music.

Offbeat Discount: Bookworm Eats Flower is offering free shipping (worldwide!) to Offbeat Bride readers.

And Lauren is happy to work with materials provided by the clients, so whatever you can think, Bookworm Eats Flower can cut it up and make beautiful!