Completely customizable online wedding communications from Glö

By on Apr. 23rd

Glövite and Glösite exampleGlö is a website that offers online wedding communications — paperless wedding stationery, guest list and wedding websites with unlimited pages, widgets (ie. photo albums, slideshows, interactive maps, videos, a pacman game, whatever!), and RSVPs. Through Glö you can have the option to go entirely paperless or match your Glövites/Glösites with other paper products (e.g. send online save the dates and paper invites). It's all pretty fantastic and incredibly convenient.

And it's totally customizable… You can choose from one of their awesome designs, but you're totally not limited to that — you can also upload your own design. Which means that if you wanted to create your own logo for your wedding, you could easily upload it to your invitations (online or paper) and your wedsite.

With their smart RSVP technology, your Glö site knows which guest is viewing your page and then only shows them applicable events. So there's no awkwardness (and possible hurt feelings) when guests aren't sure to what events they are (or aren't) invited. Love that!

Glö's online wedding communications aren't free, but for a limited time they are insanely affordable — we're talking $40 is the most you'll pay for one of their 18 month subscriptions. So head over to Glö and start doing basically everything you need to do to get your wedding up and running smoothly!