A slap in the face (in a good way!)

By on Apr. 20th


You can have as many groomsmen as you want

Nothing I love more than some nice sane reader mail:

I just want to say thank you keeping me grounded during my wedding planning. Since I proposed to my fiance I've frequented A LOT of wedding sites. It's insanely addictive. The only problem is, like many brides to be, I get so caught up in the how the event is going to look that I tend to forget what the event is about.

I knew I hit a wall the other day… I told my fiance he couldn't have the number of groomsmen he wanted because I read that when your having a small ceremony you should only have this number and I didn't want to add a bridesmaid to even out the sides and blah blah blah.

I needed a reality check so I came back to your site to get the slap in the face I deserved. Of course he can have his closest friends in the wedding. It seems so trivial that I even had to think about it.

Reading posts submitted by people wanting to show off their love and not their reception decor is like breathe of fresh air when you've literally gone insane with planning. Whenever I feel myself going off the deep end I just stop by and I'm immediately calmed.

I'm not ashamed to say that yes I still do care about my color scheme and what my bridesmaids wear, but not nearly as much as I care about having a ceremony that truly reflects how much I love the man standing next to me. If that isn't the part that everyone leaves talking about then what was the point of having a wedding in the first place. -Sabrina