What to wear when I don't want a dress or a suit?

By on Mar. 24th


Thanks to StephLobster for submitting this shot to the Offbeat Bride pool!

I am a very plain and un-fancy person. I hate wearing makeup and jewelry. I want to look somewhat good for my own wedding, but I don't know what would be an alternative to anything girly (like dresses or skirts) and nothing like a suit either — it's just not me. I tend to wear guy clothes, like men's t-shirts, and shoes, and I am always wearing baggy pants. I just want to feel like me. -Becky

I totally support your goal here, Becky. You want to look good at your wedding, but you also want to look like YOU, instead of someone wearing a costume. I hear you saying you're not girly, but you're also not into butch formalwear. And I think I've got a solution for you.

Really, your wedding is just a big party.

So tell me this: what would you wear to a big party full of all your friends? Now, take that outfit and wave a wand over it to make it really special — imagine better fabrics. Imagine if it was custom made just for you. Imagine it in your very favorite colors. Imagine nicer accessories. Picture your favorite "nice" clothes, but with a bit more oomph.

That image you're seeing in your mind? Wear that.

In my book I talk about this concept of "a smidge above." However you normally adorn yourself (clothes, accessories, skin, hair), just do a smidge more than usual.

…If that means you wear chapstick to your wedding instead of nothing on your face, then that's perfect.

…If that means you get a sterling wallet chain instead of the cheap one you bought at the mall, then that's perfect.

…If that means you get a pair of custom baggy pants made out of butter-soft twill, then that's perfect.

Really, this is just about knowing what clothes make you feel your very best, and then taking them up a notch. A smidge above, really. Maybe for you this looks like a nice pair of baggy slacks, a sweet pair of new chucks, and a custom-made shirt with a vest? I can't really say, but I'm pretty sure you know what clothes make you feel best. My advice is to take that look, and push the "special" up a notch.

PS: If you're into exploring androgynous fashion, definitely check out genderfork!