Juicy wedding photography from Pixie Vision Photography

By on Mar. 16th

If the bride in the photo pictured above looks familiar, it's because we've featured her before. In fact, we've featured a LOT of weddings shot by Los Angeles-based photographer Pixie Vision Photography.

And it's no wonder because Pixie's get's TONS of juicy offbeat weddings and creates even juicier wedding porn from them. Keep reading to check out more that juicy offbeat wedding porn from Pixie Vision Photography

If these two look familiar it's because we've featured them before as well!

…See what I mean about the juicy?

But, just in case you were wondering, Pixie doesn't JUST do extreme offbeat weddings — she can rock the classical looks of offbeat lite-ers just as well…

"Pixie truly caught the essence of our wedding; capturing the action and emotion as it was happening. Our entire combined families loved her, even the ones who were camera shy. She made everyone feel comfortable and the photos fun. Thank you Pixie for seizing those precious moments we will treasure forever."
– Athena and Atom [another OBB featured couple]

Besides all the amazing photography, the best thing about Pixie is that she travels ANYWHERE and EVERYWHERE! I'm serious, this girl is all over the map doing lots of different shoots; belly dancing shoots, portrait photography, to shooting the Dresden Dolls!

So, brides all over the globe: Check to see if Pixie is coming to your city! Because no matter where you're having your wedding, Pixie Vision Photography can be your photographer and bring her unique brand of Pixie dust to your wedding day.

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