Jesse's impeccable Victorian groom gear

By on Mar. 30th

Horse Portrait 3

Photo by Tanya Saenz

We spent a lot of time on OBB geeking out over bride fashion and accessories, but what about grooms? We do groom gear posts when we see something that blows our mind a little bit, and Jesse and his Victorian aesthetic definitely qualifies…

Horse Portrait 1

Jesse's bride Aiko explains:

Jesse was very clear from the beginning of our wedding planning that he wanted "pretty clothes", with hand tailoring and luxurious brocades. He hated the idea of wearing a traditional tux and likes a lot of historical clothing (anything before the Industrial Revolution). Jesse's favorite colors are black, gray, and purple, so he wanted something in those colors that was historically inspired (rather than dead on historically accurate). His wedding outfit was primarily inspired by Heath Ledger's wedding coat in "The Patriot". It is a Revolutionary War style long coat in charcoal gabardine, with matching trousers. His waist coat is silver satin brocade and his cravat is imitation plum dupioni silk.

Oh, but there's so much more…

ZOMG, CRAVAT! I would like to see lots more grooms rocking cravats.

Pocket Watch and Victorian Fob

Aiko again:

The watch he is holding is an 1886 Elgin key wind pocket watch that was given to him as a gift by the best man. The watch was restored by Rusty Tuggle from the Antique Watch Company. In the tradition of Victorian love tokens, the watch fob is woven out my hair and fitted with silver dipped original Victorian findings.

Jesse Portrait 1

Jesse sewed all three of his groomsmen's wool frock coats. As Aiko says, "I think that's pretty badass."

Groom and Best Man 2

Jesse's sword is a Horseman's Basket Hilt Broadsword.

Sword Arch Kiss

Here's a full slideshow of photos from Aiko & Jesse's stunning Victorian wedding. There are tons of details about the wedding on Flickr, so if you see a photo you want to know more about, just click it!