Silvia & Timo's punk rock candy wedding

By on Mar. 31st

When you think of punk rock you think of candy, right? No? Well, you will now after checking out Silvia and Timo's candy-coated punk rock wedding on day three of Candy Week! -Megan


The offbeat bride: Silvia, copywriter

Her offbeat partner: Timo, project manager

Location & date of wedding: Stirbey Palace, Buftea, Romania — 08.08.09

What made our wedding offbeat: We really wanted to be selfish and do things our way. Me and the hubby both wore sneakers (Converse and Vans respectively).

We had a VIP table where we placed lifesize cardboard cutouts of our favourite punk singers. The music was exclusively punk rock (seeing my grandfather dancing to Rancid was priceless). We had four live music acts. Timo's mom played two songs on the guitar at the ceremony, his brother's alternative rock band played, one of our friends wrote a song for us, and finally we made up our own band, Fur Coats For Children, and performed for the guests — me vocals and hubby bass.

We had a coton candy machine, a soap bubble machine, 150 lollipops, rubber ducks, custom gingerbread and rainbow swirl pencils as gifts for the guests. Helium balloons we released into the air. And the bouquet I threw to the girls was made up of five smaller ones with each its own fortune ("you will marry an eskimo" or "you will marry a rock star").


Our biggest challenge: Getting the people to accept the music was a bit hardcore, especially for the older guests. But we made up for it by having one hour of "oldies but goodies" to keep everyone happy.

My favorite moment: Our first dance, to the Foo Fighters' "Walking After You" and playing with the band that we got together especially for the wedding.

My offbeat advice: Don't be afraid to fantasize. Even your craziest ideas can be made feasible some way — in a funny one if not in a grandiose one. We couldn't have Billie Joe Armstrong at our wedding, but we sure as hell had a lifesize cardboard cutout of him there!

Enough talk — show me the wedding porn:

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