A simple forest wedding reminder

By on Mar. 3rd

Amidst all the geeking out over wedding porn of details and decor, I think it's always good to remember the beauty and magic of a simple, heartfelt wedding. Behold:
forest wedding

I know we feature a lot of weddings full of fabulous design and ideas and art and fashion and music and magic. And while the details can be fun for some of us some of the time, I love photos that remind us all that when it comes right down to it, really all you're going for is this moment:

Because in that moment, it doesn't matter what the color scheme was or which shoes you bought or how clever your invitation wording was or how well-thought-out your reception playlist was or how coordinated your bridesmaids' fascinators were. All that matters is that it's you and your partner, celebrating this thing that you've created — this love that you've found together and are committing to share with each other.

That's all that matters.

(More photos from this heartfelt forest wedding over here.)