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Okay fellow geeks and nerds, get ready to be super stoked about these XKCD save-the-dates made byJordan! Boomdeyada…

"So here's our Save the Date — we're just e-mailing it (my future husband did a great job of figuring out how to get to it to go in the body of the e-mail without coming off as spam). Art is by Randall Munroe of our favorite webcomic XKCD (please please visit www.xkcd.com if you have never done so, he's awesome). I'm super excited!"

Ariel and I are big fans of XKCD, and when I showed this to Ariel she pointed out that "of extra geeky importance is that all XKCD comics are Creative Commons licensed — meaning that this is a totally legit appropriation!" Which I did not know, but I'm glad of it because it means that if any of you out there are inspired by this, you too can have some pretty amazing XKCD wedding invites and STDs!

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