Weird wedding survival kits

Guestpost by Liz on Feb. 22nd

Remember the wacky wedding placemats made by Liz? Well, Liz is back with another of her great wedding creations — weird wedding survival kits for the adorably nerdy.

I'd seen this idea on a few blogs, but wanted to make it my own. Since I'm a Star Trek nerd, and Kevin's a Star Wars nerd, we had to include something from each universe in our particular kits.

Here's the list of what we've included…


We ordered these plastic bags online — they were a couple bucks, and we'll use them for a lot of other things, too.

Then we stuffed the bags and cut some pretty scrapbook paper to size. We rolled the end of the bag to seal it, and stapled the pretty paper to the top.


We'll finish them off with stickers on the paper, like so:

I'm very stoooopidly proud of this. I love them, and I know our wedding party will love them, and I love that we got to "nerd up" this whole idea.

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About Liz

Liz is a self described Pepsi addict who is marrying her sword-wielding urban viking (who probably inspired the "What's in YOUR wallet?" commercials) and uniting their love of pastries under one roof, living in sin. They're getting married on 1-1-11 with a Princess Bride tongue-in-cheek thread to the evening.