Hand constructed Victorian duck busts as cake toppers

By on Feb. 11th

Sometimes the talent level of our OBBs astound me. OBT member Heather aka. "Hev" made these Victorian duck busts to use as cake toppers for her upcoming wedding.

"The FH and I knew that we wanted ducks on the cake and when I went looking for toppers, I just couldn't find a decent pair of mallards. So the plan was to sculpt them myself as just boring little ducks. But then after seeing the film Fantastic Mr. Fox, it dawned on me that our ducks should be dressed to match our Neo-Victorian, old-timey theme."

They look absolutely amazing. And I had to inquire about HOW she accomplished this. The short story is that Hev is a scenic artist, so she does this type of thing all the time for film, theater, and photography shoots. The long story is as such:

"They are made out of Super Sculpey — a professional grade of oven-bake polymer clay that isn't as crumbly as regular Sculpey or Fimo clay and bakes into a much harder and more durable product.

I created a basic armature from a wooden dowel for support, threw on some movies, and then sculpted away for a few hours."

In a previous Wedding Planning Update, Heather posted a photo of the freshly baked "gentleduck," which shows what the sculptures looked like unfinished…

"When it came to doing the faux-bronze finish, I resorted back to an old trick using basic acrylic paints and a product called Rub 'n Buff. I wrote up a detailed tutorial on how I do this type of finish on my deviantArt page.

They might look heavy, but since they are made from polymer clay, they are actually very light. So there should be no problem when it comes to sticking them on top of a cake. :)"

Kind of in love with these guys? Heather told me that she's always open to taking commissions for custom work — whether that be items like those sculptural cake toppers or classical style fine art portraits. And you guys can get in contact with Heather on her website. But for serious… we have some CRAZY TALENTED brides in our midst.

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