Demolition Derby wedding porn from Leah LaRiccia Photography

By on Feb. 19th

Step right up and check out Leah LaRiccia — a fantastic photographer based out of Massachusetts, though she is also available for travel throughout New England and to "distant galaxies."

Clearly Leah LaRiccia is a photographer who caters to the offbeat crowd (as evidenced by the amazingness displayed above and below). And as a member of the Wedding Photojournalist Association and Modern Photographers, Leah really knows her shit — and it shows. To demonstrate her photo-tastic abilities, you must check out her shots of Adena and Ben's Demolition Derby wedding:

Adena and Ben planned to get married at the Demolition Derby -– driving onto the field in painted cars, getting out of said cars and jumping onto the hoods to get married! Sounds amazing, right? But what they didn't plan for the hurricane that was predicted to blow through on their wedding day.

Keep reading to see what happened with this wild and wonderful wedding AND to take advantage of Leah LaRiccia's Offbeat Bride discount…

With the threat of a hurricane looming, Leah came up with the brilliant plan to schedule a photo shoot at the fair the day before the wedding, just in case the weather refused to cooperate on the day of. The result? These incredible photos.

Leah's plan turned out to be a good one, because there was so much rain on Adena and Ben's actual wedding day that there was no way they could have ended up with the photos you see above. They had to abandon both Plan A, Plan B and then improvise a Plan C when it came to the wedding itself.

Thankfully, their talented photographer, the one and only Leah LaRiccia was able to roll with the hurricane-style punches, while still capturing the energy of the day in her beautiful and creative images.

Leah explains, "I cater to nontraditional clients because I enjoy collaborating with creative couples whose weddings don't fit a particular mold. I love when weddings flaunt the unique personalities of my clients, and my greatest joy is getting those personalities to shine through in the photography. My goal is to have my clients laughing and smiling when they receive their photos!"

Offbeat Discount:To show her love for the OBBs, Leah is offering $100 off of your wedding package when you mention Offbeat Bride!

So if you're having your wedding in Massachusetts or New England or on planet Earth you need to get in contact with Leah LaRiccia to document your wedding because not even a freaking hurricane can stop this woman from taking amazing wedding photos!

Oh, and if you're still wondering what Adena and Ben's "Plan C" was… head over to Leah's blog to find out.