How to DIY your own vinyl record bowl

By on Feb. 24th

When we were brainstorming centerpiece ideas for our Mexican-themed vintage-style wedding, we really wanted to incorporate something that really represented us, our life and our tastes. We HAD to have chips 'n salsa on the tables (hello! Mexican wedding in Texas!) and wanted an economical, handmade vehicle for that tasty goodness.

So! After reading other people's tutorials on making vinyl record bowls and realizing how stinkin' easy it was we had to go for it! We're vinyl record collectors and had a few records we felt we could sacrifice for the cause. It was hard to let go, but boy did everyone love these chip bowls! We ended up giving them away to people who wanted them after the dance-tastic reception.

This is OUR (hubs' and mine) tutorial on how to make these bowls. You can find numerous others online, but we feel ours is the most descriptive and best one in the world. So here goes nothin'!


  • 7" metal bowl (for shaping) —> or other heat safe bowl
  • 8.5-9" metal bowl (for heating) —> or other oven safe bowl
  • cookie sheet
  • vinyl record
  • oven

CAUTION: use oven mitts or good potholders at all times

Step 1:
Preheat oven to around 185 degrees for ten minutes (set the timer!). Place large metal bowl on cookie sheet open side down. Place cookie sheet with bowl on it in the oven for about four minutes to warm it up and get it ready for your record.

Step 2:

Take your record, with the side you want on the INSIDE of your bowl facing down, and place it on top of the over-turned bowl in the oven. It sort of resembles a top hat now.

The sizes of your bowls depend on the look you're going for. If you want a more upright bowl that resembles a slightly bucket-ish shape then use a smaller bowl with slightly upright sides (for the shaping bowl). If you want a more low-slung, fruit bowl style bowl then use a bowl with more relaxed, wider sides.

Step 3:

Bake the record in the oven like that until you see it start drooping over your bowl and getting pliable. Every vinyl record bowl + oven combination will take different amounts of time, but for us our record was ready to take out at about five minutes. Check it every minute or so by pulling it out (with your oven mitt on!) and gauging the flexibility of it.

It's okay if it's not flexible enough the first time you take it out of the oven! Vinyl is awesome in that you can just put it back in and heat it until it gets more melty and no one will ever know.

Step 4:

When your record seems pliable enough to shape, take it out of the oven and place it right side up inside your smaller (shaping) bowl. Press it down with your fingers in the bowl and shape it to your tastes. Don't be afraid to get physical with your record shaping!

Step 5:
Let your record cool for a minute or so and then pull it out of the bowl and admire it! You now have an amazing, rad-tacular vinyl record bowl. If you plan to serve food in this bowl, then line it with plastic wrap, paper or another bowl first.

If your record is trying to stick to your melting bowl, then just spray a little Pam or similar on the bottom of the bowl before baking them.

AND.. just in case you wanted this beautiful record bowl all for your own (or want to order a quantity of bowls) you can view this bowl in my Etsy shop! It's for sale y'all! (along with other home goods and radness that I make or thrift with my own hands) Drop by my design/craftsy schmaftsy blog or my Etsy shop and soak up all that DIY goodness!

FYI: I take custom orders and welcome any sort of request. Items will be added as I make 'em! So check back often. – XXXOOO Offbeat Shrie

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