Wedding hula hoops from Super Hooper

By on Jan. 1st

P1020165Hula hoops are fucking awesome for weddings — they make dance-free receptions fun, bachelorette parties ridiculous, and provide endless photo opps.

Yes, I'm biased … the original title of my book was "And The Bride Wore A Hula Hoop" and I stepped down from running to focus on This is all to say, I know my hula hoops — and Super Hooper are the real deal.

Super Hooper crafts the custom hula hoops that make modern hooping so much fun. These hoops are bigger and heavier than kiddie hula hoops, and they makes 'em in colors you to match your wedding palette.

So, if you're dreaming of ridiculous good times and awesome photo opps for your wedding, get hooping!