Super unique jewelry collections from Turtle Love Committee

By on Jan. 8th

We're wrapping up our "best of" the new Turtle Love Committee jewelry collections with two of my personal favorite collections…


TLC has an awesome new designer, Chaya Caron — Chaya's blossom series is made from recycled silver, and there are a variety of sizes of pendants, two styles of earrings, and a ring. Would these not be great to wear as your "something new recycled" on your wedding day — hell — to wear on any day really!

Also, have you seen their dinosaurs? Yes, dinosaurs! These bad boys would make really unique gifts for your bridal party AND for your favorite Offbeat Bride Managing Editor as well. (My fav is the brontosaurus, just FYI.)

So there ya go, it's been fun giving you the run down of our favorite of TLC's new jewelry. So now it's your turn to go check out their site and find your favorite pieces.