What's up with mustaches; TV; namesakes for me and my kid; and fashion

By on Jan. 20th

It's another round of reader questions! Not wedding advice, just … QUESTIONS!!


Thanks to mingaling for submitting this shot to the Offbeat Bride pool!

i don't understand the deal of moustaches. i've seen it done many ways in the offbeat world, i just don't the hows or whys of this fad. -Amy

Offbeat trends often echo subcultural trends, and the mustache thing is definitely the dominion of American Hipsterism. Think skinny jeaned tousel-haired 20somethings in Brooklyn, NY or the Mission district in San Francisco. Hipsters love their irony, and ironic 'staches have been all over the place for a few years. There's a whole silly website dedicated to Hipster Girls In Mustaches. I think the trend has gone from the ironic to whimsical as the trend has evolved from '80s throwback mustaches to dastardly vintage-style mustaches-on-a-stick. I'm not sure if I can get into WHY. I suppose I could make something up about young adults searching for meaning and authentic expressions of self in a post-9/11 media-saturated culture, but I'd just be talking out of my ass.

That said, who cares about the hows or whys. Is it silly? Totally. It it rational? Absolutely not. Does it make me laugh? THEN, SCORE!

What show are you a closet fan of? -Alisha

My current taste in TV leans toward the very gay: Glee, So You Think You Can Dance, Ugly Betty, and Modern Family. I was also a die hard Battlestar Galactica fan (ooh, Caprica is starting this week!) and my favorite show of all time was Six Feet Under.

Did your mother name you after Ariel in Shakespeare's Tempest? -Glenys

My folks named me after both The Tempest and a moon of Uranus. That said, when the Little Mermaid came out I was super stoked and collected Ariel memorabilia for a while until I got totally sick of people saying "Oh Ariel … like the little mermaid?" some time around 1992.

Did you name your son after the first emperor of Rome or did you just like the name? Augustus or it's variations but I never thought about Octavian before, and I like it.

I was inspired by MT Anderson's Octavian Nothing books, although I'm not sure I'd go so far as to say I named Tavi after Octavian Nothing. After I announced Tavi's birth on Offbeat Bride, lots of readers asked me about the Codex Alera books, which feature an Octavian/Tavi. I haven't read them yet, but probably should. :)

I know you've talked about your taste for awesome, loud shoes, but I noticed you also have great, colourful clothing and was wondering where your favourite places are to get clothes.

I'm a sucker for stretchy layers, and wear a lot of clothes from Lululemon Athletica, Designs by Karina, Xylem, Sweet Skins, Econica, and weird accessories I buy at music festivals.

Oh and about shoes? While I live for Fluevogs and Campers on special occasions, 9 days out of 10 you'll find me in Dansko Marcelles. Does that shatter y'all's image of me as wearing bright red sequined peep-toe platforms every day? …I can't help it! I spent most of my childhood barefoot, sold Birkenstocks in college, and can barely walk in high heels. I love my loud heels for special nights where I'm not walking much. But day to day? Go comfort clogs!