Non-grandma-ish wrist corsages

By on Dec. 16th
I am considering having my bridesmaids wear wrist corsages instead of carrying bouquets.

But I can't find any good, hip, cool, young-looking corsage ideas.

All I have seen is fuddy, grandma styles.



Now, Melissa. You didn't specify whether you were looking for floral corsages or non-floral corsages. But I decided you wanted non-floral corsages, and so of course I turned to my beloved Etsy to help me with this. Here are a few ideas…

A little formal, a little fancy: Pleated Wrist Cuff

Much less formal, awesome for fall or winter wedding:
Gothic Love Knot Wrist Corsage

Similar idea, better for a spring wedding: Knit floral corsage

Very much of the Lasertron school of design, this one: Candy colored felt/button corsages

Understated — more a bracelet than a corsage: Freshwater Pearls Bracelet with Organza

Ooh! SO BOLD: Pink Poppy Bracelet, Hand Felted Merino Wool

Quite understated — but lovely for a nouveau wedding: Art Nouveau Cuff

Now, if you're looking for FLORAL wrist corsages … I like this one:
Designer Wrist Corsage Green web

Or of course you could make your own…then the sky's the limit!