How to make your own feathery floral hair fascinator

Guestpost by Rachel on Dec. 2nd

suppliesOffbeat Bride Tribe member/crafter Rachel took the advice of her photographer and crafted herself and her bridesmaids some feathery floral fascinators for her and her new hubby's black and red uber-stylish wedding. This is a step-by-step tutorial she put together (mere days after The Big Day!).


  • Small hair comb (plastic or metal)
  • Feathers, fake flowers, ribbons, decorations
  • Hot glue gun
  • Yarn
  • Scissors

yarn start

Step 1:
Take the yarn and small hair comb. Tie the end of the yard onto the end of the comb and hot glue to the comb.

yarn mid

Step 2:
Wrap yarn around the comb through tines. This creates a base to glue your decorations to. Choose a yarn color that goes with your decorations so that if any shows through it is not too obvious.

yarn final

Step 3:
When you reach the end of the comb, tie off the thread and hot glue again to set it. Trim the yarn so that your comb resembles the image above.

first item

Step 4:
You want to start with the items that will be in the back of the fascinator first. Here I'm starting with an ostrich plume. Hot glue them in place to your comb.
Hint: When attaching the decorations keep in mind that the comb tines should be pointing down when you put the fascinator in your hair so that gravity doesn't cause it to fall out when it's in.

second group

Step 5:
Add more decorations in layers. Try not to hot glue them all just to the top of the first layer of decorations. Hot glue some of it to the yarn for more strength.

Step 6:

The last thing to add should be your focal piece. On mine, it was the flower. It should be last thing to go on so that it is up front and center!


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