Why you're not supposed to like everything you see on Offbeat Bride

By on Nov. 17th
as if we needed proof…

We all like different things. AND THAT'S FUCKING AWESOME! Photo courtesy of lovedart. As submitted to the Offbeat Bride photo pool.

I'm sorry, but some of the stuff on Offbeat Bride is just too weird.

Some of the wedding shoes? Ugly. Some of the real offbeat weddings? Kinda tacky.

I love Offbeat Bride, but sometimes I just don't get you guys.


Thanks for bringing this up, Anonymous.

You know what?

You're totally right.

I don't like everything we feature on Offbeat Bride either — and that's by design.

This website isn't about dictating one vision of taste or aesthetics upon my readers. Sure, we feature wedding trends when we start to notice Offbeat Brides getting obsessed with a particular vision. But part of why I continue to run Offbeat Bride is because it's an excuse to get exposed to a whole big wide range of cultures and styles and people and design outside my daily experience.

If everything on Offbeat Bride was just a reflection of my personal tastes, we'd never see any rockabillies or goths or steampunks or church weddings.

Offbeat Bride would be all West Coast neo-tribal forest weddings like these ones. (Love 'em — but yawn!)

[related-post align="right"]If Offbeat Bride was all about Megan's personal preferences, it'd be all beach weddings, Star Wars couples, and gamer geeks.

I say, bring on the "too weird"!

Bring on the ugly-to-some-people!

Bring on the kinda-tacky-to-some-people!

Because our tastes are all different, and when some bride halfway across the globe dares to share her vision with the world and I get exposed to something new and beautiful and amazing and magical … we all win.