Celebrate family with Lovebird necklaces from Turtle Love Committee

By on Nov. 20th

We're back with another new jewelry feature from Turtle Love Committee where we feature some of our favorite from their new lines of necklaces and earrings. Again, I feel the need to point out that we love them because they focus on jewelry that's eco-conscious and made by independent artisans. Really, these people are good eggs — you can read about the people and the TLC philosophy and see for yourself.


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Like the miniature lithographs necklaces that we featured a little while back, these lovebirds necklaces are made by a husband-and-wife team in their home studio using at least 50% recycled silver. And the sweet thing about these babies is that they can worn all symbolic-like to represent you as a couple!

Or, added bonus, they can also represent family ties… they come in single parent or a two-parent team. A perfect gift option for the new moms or step-children in your life as you build your own nest through marriage.

Go check it out, lovebirds!