Beautiful, eco-friendly lithograph pendants from Turtle Love Committee

By on Nov. 3rd

You know Turtle Love Committee from our past introductions. We LURVE that they specialize in affordable and eco-friendly non-diamond engagement rings and wedding bands. But now there's even more reason to lurve them… TLC now has a whole slew of really unique necklaces and earrings. We'll be featuring our favesies from their new jewelry lines that would make perfect (and AFFORDABLE!) wedding party gifts.


Check these beautiful and moody silver lithograph pendants. Each piece is hand-inked and hand cranked on an antique printing press and then strung on super subtle gray cord. They're like cool tiny art pieces!

They also do double duty of conveying complicated sentiments without being cheese-tastic. Like, the house and the nest are perfect for celebrating, well, housing and nesting. My personal favorites, the bridge and the railroad tracks are a great way to symbolize the journey and connections that weddings have a crazy way of bringing about. And the adorable little girl on the swing just makes me smile all goofy-like.

Head over to Turtle Love Committee get your own goofy-like smile going.