Chinese/Jewish wedding with a breastfeeding bride from Whitney Lee Photography

By on Nov. 2nd

Oh you Austin brides. I'm still so jealous of your access to long-time Offbeat Bride sponsor, Whitney Lee Photography. Whitney recently sent me these photos of Leah & Evan (and baby Ada's!) Chinese/Jewish wedding, and I'm just blown out.

You've got to see these shots of the breastfeeding bride, elegantly non-matching bridesmaids, and all the details…

As usual, clicky the photos to see more!

Leah gave birth to her daughter Ada a few months before the wedding, and her daughter was very much a part of the wedding and ceremony.


I've talked about the concept of non-matching bridesmaids a lot on Offbeat Bride, and I love the way that it was done at this wedding:


And of course, the shoes — wedding flats, in keeping with my theme today. :)


And yay for interfaith weddings! I love seeing the Chinese groom hoisted up in a chair during the hora dance:


But what about the origami cake? And the tulips? And the chopsticks? To bask in the detail shots, you'll need to head over to Whitney Lee's blog.

And if you're in Austin? Don't make me haul my 8-months pregnant butt down their to make you book Whitney for your wedding!