Danielle & Sean's gothy, dog loving, winter wedding

By on Oct. 21st

The Offbeat Bride: Danielle (aka. OBT member "Punky"), Accountant wannabe

Her Offbeat Partner: Sean, Security Technician

Location & date of wedding: Kitchener, Ontario — Golf course in the snow!!! — January 24, 2009

What made our wedding offbeat: We made it personal — we tried to do things because they meant something to us, not because everyone says you should or shouldn't do it.

My ring is white gold with midnight blue sapphire. My wedding dress was a royal blue corset, two piece, custom, stunning gown! And we got wedding tattoos done in Irish Gaelic for the groom — I am my beloved verse — he has half and I have the other half.

Craft Mania! No flowers, I'm allergic and not crazy about them, so we did all Swarovski crystals and feathers. Sean and I both made the bouquets, boutonnieres, guest book with digital, wallet size prints of each couple. And I designed and created my hair fascinator (very proud of myself, pat pat)!

We couldnt have our dogs in the ceremony, they are not quite well behaved enough for that ordeal, so afterwards we went home and had family pictures done with them. We both love dogs, so we decided to do a sponsorship for a year at the shelter that we got one of our dogs from. We made the cards and put them on the plates along with a picture of the engraved plaque at the shelter. Our first dog passed away a few years ago as did my grandma, so to honor them I put charms on my bouqet with both of their pictures to keep them close that day.

us weddingI love wings!! But Sean is not so much into them, so I compromised and had the flower girls wear stunning blue/black wings. And then later my MOH gave me my own wings to wear at the reception for a suprise for Sean!

Our biggest challenge: Getting all of our craft projects done in time! It didn't seem like a lot at first but everything takes time when you want it done right. So we both worked together, and Sean found me time saving ways to make the crystal stems — always an eye opening experience if you've never had to work with your significant other! Highly recommend doing that before the wedding!

My favorite moment: Our vows and speeches! We had tears, laughs and cheers from both of our personal vows and hilarious speeches.

I wanted to make Sean feel special that day (since it gets to be a lot about the bride for some reason) so I wrote a top ten list of reasons to love Sean — it was a hit!

My advice for other offbeat brides: Everyone is offbeat, we all walk to a different drum! So you dont have to try to be different, we all are anyway! Do everything because it means something to you both, not because you feel like should or shouldn't. Make it about you and no one else.

Care to share a few vendor/shopping links?:
Tiaras and Tutus on Etsy — found the site through Offbeat Bride. She makes gorgeous wings!

Enough talk — show me the wedding porn!

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