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By on Sep. 7th

fabric rosesThe whole wedding planning bonanza is a bit like thrusting your head in a cannon and waiting for it to blow… there is just SO much anticipation and worry. To DIY or not? Should you go all out or pinch pennies? What about decorations and favors?

If your head is swimming with possibilities and your palms start sweating at the mere thought of diving into the planning, take a look at these tutorials. They might just save your wedding — and your sanity!

A super easy way to jazz up an outfit, bouquet or the ceremony/reception decor, this amazingly easy tutorial on how to make fabric roses is an inexpensive way to put your DIY mark on your wedding without breaking the bank. Etsy seller DuhBe was gracious enough to share this tutorial for the fabric roses that she sells in her Etsy shop.

floral fascinator

Linda Permann over at Craft Stylish put together a how-to for those adorable floral hair fascinators you're seeing everywhere. (I had one made by the amazing JulieKe!) This fascinator would be FAB for a spring wedding.. maybe with a bit of tulle or feathers to create some drama? It takes a little skill and a few simple tools, but don't be daunted, it's a how-to any slightly crafty gal can get their head around.

Wedding invitation options are endless. There are letterpress, recycled, hand-written, collaged, screenprinted, viewmaster invites… the list goes on and on.


If you're feeling a creative streak, have access to Adobe Illustrator and are a wee bit computer savvy, this Craftzine.com Illustrator invitation tutorial might take a bit of the guess work out of such an important piece of paper. You can pop in your own design, customize the colors and fonts (wouldn't these cross-stitch printables and typefaces be divine?!?!) and go wild! No fuss needed.

Wedding favors are always a touchy subject. Some people abhor them and some people would be embarrassed NOT to have them. We chose to incorporate them because it gave my crafty farmer grandparents a way to contribute in a very awesome way (homegrown and canned jalapeno jelly!).


This printable gift box by the always ingenious Shala at Don't Eat the Paste is super easy to download and print right out! If you're handy with a 'puter you could probably change the colors and add graphics or text to it as well. Sure would be a handy and attractive receptacle for small wedding favor doodads!

Looking for more inexpensive, DIY, rad ideas to save your big day? Check out this $10 wedding dress and this handy dandy DIY ring pillow. Now get crafting!

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