Russian Goth wedding

By on Aug. 26th

I wish I could tell you more about this fabulous Russian couple, but I'm limited by what we can see in the online gallery. I CAN tell you that I'm positively in love with the way she's wearing all black and he's wearing all white. That I adore the groom's big ol' boots and the bride's black veil and Elizabethan hairline. That the smiles you can see on their totally ungoth guests' faces tell the full story…



To see the full set of photos, head on over to … although do yourself a favor and skip the comments. [No, seriously — don't waste your time. It's not worth becoming an XKCD comic.] We already know that not everyone is as big a fan of the freaky couples as we are!.

UPDATE: Rather than link to stupid englishrussia, I'm just going to send you directly to the bride's livejournal, where you can see TONS of photos, and skip the snarky comments.

Oh and PS: these two now have an adorable baby!