Katamari Damacy wedding

In keeping with today's gamer wedding theme, may I present to you the Katamari Damacy wedding of Aidra and Ernest. (All credits for photography go to Kristin Shultz.)

These two were married in Idaho a few weeks ago, and clearly … the whole wedding party got in on the theme:


To see more amazing details (like adorable the cake topper and boutonnieres) click here, or the photo below…


PS: Many thanks to Adria & Ernest's friend Shiloh for submitting this.

  1. This is SO amazing. Holy crap. I'm sending this to Boingboing; it deserves to be seen by millions!

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  2. the cake topper and the pool jump just make it. such fun!

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  3. holy guacamole, this was in BUHL? that's like miles from me, and possibly one of the least interesting places in Idaho, which is saying a lot. I'm massively impressed that these guys found each other and had a wedding like this in southern Idaho!

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  4. I love this wedding. SO. HARD. We actually used that particular xkcd for one of our centerpieces, but the majority of our gaming references were from Portal (the cake and the companion cube, namely). But this… this is art. And Katamari fits so well with a cheery summer day, too! Awesomecakes!

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  5. I have no idea what katamari damacy is but this wedding makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside!

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  6. But does the king approve, is the cake topper Katamari….sweet enough. Who will save the pandas?

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  7. LOL- we LOVE Katamari…. sadly I watched this with fiance and he begged for us to do this…

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  8. Cutest wedding. I love the creativity brides and grooms are showing for their wedding day.

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  9. "Let's roll up to be a single star in the sky~"

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  10. My son (who is 8 btw) thinks this is the coolest wedding EVER! I think it's pretty cool too ;)

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  11. I love Katamari Damacy! To dress up like Cousins must have been hilarious! :3

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  12. I love this! Its so cute and katamari is such a great theme. I wonder how it tied into the bride and groom.. meeting maybe?

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  13. THIS COUPLE IS AMAZING! The reason I first messaged my fiance on the dating site on which we met was because of a Katamari-related comment he made that I thought was cute, so this is especially adorable to me!

    Also, the bride's dress is lovely.

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