The perfect "Gamer Geek" wedding favor!

By on Jul. 29th

OBT member "Julia-Gulia" and her future husband are admitted gamer geeks. So when it came time to come up with their wedding favor they thought, "What better favor for our gamer geek wedding than personalized dice?" What better favor? None better favor. Gaze upon their geeky glory…



"We love them and we figured guests can use them in their board games at home because everyone has a Monopoly or Life game that has a missing die."

Along with these great favors, they also came up with an awesome alternative to the "clinking glasses = kiss" nonsense. "We're going to put a tag on each favor that lets them participate in a game (bringing them into our world a little ;-). Everyone at the table (8 people) has to roll the die if they want us to kiss. If 4 out of the 8 get the personalized side up, then we'll kiss. We figured that's rare enough that we'll at least get a chance to eat before someone gets it and there's no annoying tinking of glasses." Brilliant!

Want a pair of personalized dice for your wedding? Well, Julia's got the info — "For everyone who wants to know. These are from Chessex. What I was quoted was $.50 a die which is freakin' beautiful! Go under their Customer Service link and then the Contacts page and send an email."