Save the Date cards with Post-it Notes!

By on Jun. 4th

Save the Dates with convenient and creative post-it notes!? Thanks to Tribe member Grafxcowgirl (aka Michele), we're filing this under the "why didn't I think of that" category.


We came up with the idea and designed the cards and post-it notes ourselves. My fiance hand wrote (and doodled) the post-it. The cards and post-its were sent out for printing (VistaPrint) and then we put it all together. We also hand-stamped the return addresses (stamp from VistaPrint) and the logo (custom rubber stamp) on the front of the envelope. And, as you can see, we even had some help from our dog, Penny.



Michele, you have an adorable and incredibly talented family. Can't wait to keep updated on the rest of your wedding plans.

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