100% homemade, recycled paper wedding invitations

Guestpost by HurricaneMe on Jun. 25th


I sat around stressing out over what kind of image I wanted … I knew I wanted to do it myself but had no idea where to begin stylistically.

But I finally buckled down and did the block print of the hands, and as soon as I lay the ink on I knew I had my design.

I couldn't decide on a color…

So I didn't!

I just put cardstock through the photocopy machine at Kinkos to make the text and the RSVP inserts, then cut the smaller block print stamps of bicycles and letters, and started stamping.

Want to see how they turned out?



The die-cut paper skeleton keys were a last minute addition that gave the invites a whimsicality that I love.


In the end it cost about $80 to make 100 invitations, not including the block printing supplies which I already had. The recycled brown bag cardstock ended up being the most expensive part.


Bonus: I was able to make big B&W posters of the holding hands print at Kinkos, which we will put in the movie poster display windows of the theater where we are hosting the shindig.


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