How to elope to NYC

By on May. 15th

If you're looking to skip all the wedding planning drama and elope in New York City, you can make your life easy by getting in touch with Judie and Liam from Elope NYC.

"When I married my life-long partner, I was stunned by the low quality of writing in standard wedding ceremonies, so I created a bunch of ceremonies for us. Yes, a bunch. I enjoyed the writing so much, I became a New York marriage officiant myself."

Judie's partner, Liam, is a NYC wedding photographer, and together they offer wedding and photography elopement packages starting at $500. Yes, you can get married in NYC for $500.

Judy will walk you step by step through the process of getting married in NYC and officiate your ceremony … while Liam will document the whole thang with beautiful wedding photos that will keep any miffed family members off your back.

Judie notes, "I'm fully registered by the city, so I can process the paperwork legally and all my gay and straight marriage ceremonies are fully legitimate."

Offbeat Discount:
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So really, here's how to to elope to NYC:
1. Go to
2. TADA! :)