In defense of using thrift store dishes & silverware at your wedding

Guestpost by Cassie on Apr. 1st

Those of you who've read the Offbeat Bride book know that Ariel's guests drank out of "Muglies," used mugs from second hand stores that we then decorated with wedding stickers. For those of you who are considering going a similar second-hand route for your wedding flatware, Cassie here offers some encouragement…

Patrick & Hayley-muglies, shamelessly idea-ganked

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I just want to say that I am having an absolute blast finding awesome, unique, and totally, insanely cheap dishes and silverware for our wedding.

Last weekend I went to a thrift store and got 40 pieces of silverware (in good condition), 10 wine glasses, and about 5 coffee cups (all attractive, in very good shape) for freaking FOUR DOLLARS AND SEVENTY-FIVE CENTS. I actually cackled on the way back to my car.

Every time I make a purchase like this, I take the stuff home, wash it by hand, and then wash it in the dishwasher, too. Then I wrap it in clean towels or clean "batting" stuff, pack it away in a box and carefully label what exactly is in there.

I originally thought all of this would be way too much of a hassle, but I love it. Since my wedding is still seven months out, I have plenty of time and don't feel rushed. I also thought that it would be a pain carting everything to the reception site. But you know what? If I rented stuff, I'd have to drive 25 minutes to the rental place, pick it up, and then drive it to the reception site. And then take it back the day after. So this will actually save me time when the wedding comes.

I just wanted to post a quick pep talk for people who might be considering second hand dishes and/or silverware but are feeling unsure. My wedding has taught me that, as with many things, if you take the time and energy to really search and put effort in, you end up with way, way cheaper and — more importantly — more interesting results. And the fact that I'm having a blast in the process doesn't hurt. If you'd view this kind of thrift store hunting as a chore, then obviously don't do it! But if you're like me, then I suggest you give it a shot.

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