Non-tux attire for groomsmen

By on Mar 11th
My fiancé and I are looking to have an informalish wedding and don't want anyone to have to wear a tux. We both think suits/sports coats/tweed jackets would be more appropriate for the groom and his men. But we also don't want the groom's men to have to dish out for new suits. I don't know if I'm comfortable with four men putting together an outfit on their own, even with guidelines. I'm not obsessed with them being 100% matchy, but I would like them to wear something coordinated, clean, and pressed. What other affordable options are there for men not renting tuxes? -Angela

Oh, we got lotsa options! Here's a little non-tux inspiration for you. Just click the photo to see more pictures from the weddings featured!

Jackets and jeans:
the fellas

Sweaters & caps:
charlies thugs

Short sleeves and ties:

the hotness

Alex (as John Lennon?) and his groomsmen/girl

Vests & attitude:
Grooms Men & Cat


The Men

Oh and PS: You can find lots more non-tux ideas here.