17 wedding bouquet alternatives for fearless brides

By on Mar 5th

I opted to not carry a bouquet; put something, anything, in my hands and watch me awkwardly bend, fold and fondle it into oblivion. Plus, for some strange reason, I didn't feel like spending a load of money for flowers that I was just going throw away at the end of the day. But if I wasn't so fidgety I would have definitely been one of those brides that opted for a bouquet alternative to flowers.

Since Offbeat Bride Kerry started a discussion called "Bouquet Alternatives" on the Offbeat Bride Tribe, a wealth of amazing offbeat bouquet porn has been popping up. I thought I'd share a few of the unique and inspiring ideas.

Tribe member Zan suggested making this bouquet out of "beautiful, cheap, fashionable feathers" that she'd seen at Hobby Lobby.

Another take on a Hobby Lobby feather creation by OBT member Christina with peacock feathers and paper dollars "that just jumped out at [her]." Well it's a good thing they did because they look awesome together!

OBT member Jennifer opted for a clutch bag. "…a silky/satin one in a pink to match the underskirt of my dress" like this one from Mabel Hand Bags.

Candy bouquets are an incredibly delicious option.

I can't help but notice the "button trend" that's been sweeping the offbeat wedding scene and I also can't help but love it. This awesome bouquet made of vintage buttons and a few leaves of reclaimed leather was made by Etsy seller Lil Fish.

And of course there's always Princess Lasertron's felt-and-button wedding bouquets!

Princess Lasertron bouquet

Fans… the ultimate alternative?

I'm a big fan of the origami options, there are just so many cool options.

Super-fun sparkly and festive beaded bouquets are like fireworks that you can hold! Or as OBT member Reba Radey said, "Crystally clear glassy vintagey chandeliery glittery BLINGYNESS."

A seashell bouquet found by OBT member Akaisha! "For all your beach wedding needs."

An idea that came from OBT member Rebekah were to use these "Modern Victorian" bags filled with branches and feathers.

How about an eco-friendly alternative to parasols? I love the idea that OBB Kate presented of using these see-through biodegradable umbrellas.

Looking back in the Offbeat Bride archives I found the step by step instructions on How to make a light-up Christmas ornament wedding bouquet, by Naomi & her mom.

I also ran across this post featuring these lovely bouquet alternatives.
wedding 108

Having a winter wedding? Why not carry a muff instead of a bouquet? It's warm and fuzzy and totally practical, plus think about how much fun it would be to toss! [Editor's note from Ariel: plus, you get to make muff jokes non-stop. And who doesn't like muff jokes at a wedding!?]

In my research I've also noted a lot of talk of lantern carrying. I haven't seen this in practice yet, but OBT member Book_Thief provided a picture of a pretty one.

Then there's always the option to not carry anything! There's no rule that a bride has to be holding something, and we are a community of rule breakers, are we not?

And if this post isn't enough for you, make sure to check out the rest of the Offbeat Bride posts that deal with wedding bouquet alternatives for even more ideas.