Affordable non-diamond engagement rings from Turtle Love Committee

By on Mar. 13th

websterFor those of you who haven't noticed, the global economy is currently melting down and while love and weddings are timeless, big expensive wedding rings are becoming increasingly difficult for offbeat couples to fit into their wedding budgets. Ain't no shame: it's just the way things are.

Turtle Love Committee is an independent online jeweler that has embraced the back-to-basics approach, focusing exclusively on non-diamond engagement and wedding rings at prices up to $200. The collection includes a little something for every shade of offbeat: vintage 1920s replicas, classic solitaires and organic and modern pieces. All of the rings in TLC's collection are sterling silver, with semiprecious stones and/or gold accents.

Turtle Love Committee was founded in response to the subtle (and sometimes not-so-subtle) competition among women to have the best or the biggest diamond engagement ring … a Turtle Love Committee engagement ring represents a huge emotional commitment, not a huge financial commitment.

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