Cotton wedding dresses

By on Jan. 23rd

So you're planning a summer wedding, or a destination wedding, or you're just into comfortable, natural fabrics and don't want to feel suffocated in a sheath of polyester blends and scratchy tulle?

Enter The Cotton Bride, a contemporary couture bridal collection from designer Chris Kole.

Now, if you're thinking cotton wedding dress = semi hippie and probably like what you'd wear to a picnic, then you haven't seen these modern gowns, which are just as sophisticated as anything you've seen in organza. I mean, I'm all for lovely hippie dresses, but this gown would be just as fitting at a beach wedding as it would be on the lawn of a fancy-ass B&B.

I've included a few shots of The Cotton Bride's collection below, but you can see lots more cotton wedding dresses on their website.

The collection leans towards a modern aesthetic, and although many of the dresses are long and elegant, there are a few shorter, sassier styles available as well:

Their comfortable wedding dresses run the gamut from feather-light gowns with gathered skirts to the breezier, less constructed styles.

Designer Chris Kole has made a commitment to eco-wedding dresses, explaining that "In our new collection, I replaced all the crinoline petticoats with petticoats made out of 100% natural cotton organdy. I have also started to use some organic cotton which is very exciting."

So, destination brides, summer brides, eco-brides, and just brides who don't want to be itching and uncomfortable on their summer wedding days, get thee to!