Jenn & Cody's Colorful Rock Concert with a Twist Wedding

By on Dec. 22nd

The offbeat bride: Jenn, Musician and Music Teacher

Her offbeat partner: Cody, Social Security

Location & date of wedding: City Arts Center in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma on June 28th, 2008

What made our wedding offbeat: We had a wedding with a concert theme, or rather a rock concert with a wedding in the middle. Our invitations were concert tickets with instructions to please wear your favorite concert t-shirt.

Our bridesmaids, groomsmen, parents and special guests all wore t-shirts designed by a friend that resembled the Beatles' Revolver album, only with our faces instead. Every t-shirt group was in different colors; bridesmaids in purple, groomsmen blue, family green and musicians and special guests in yellow.

The City Arts Center had a theatre which we had one of our favorite local bands, Grandpa Griffith, played. My rock string quartet, The Stringents, also played right before them. Grandpa Griffith has a song called "Mustache Man", which they played for the guys to walk into.

We are married!

The guys had either shaved a funny mustache or where wearing fake ones. Another one of my musicians friends, Lisa Curl, played as I came in. At one point during the ceremony she joins forces with the Grandpa Griffith lead singer and they sing "Tape of Love" by Flight of the Conchords. We also danced to our favorite Grandpa Griffith song during the ceremony and walked out to everyone throwing pom poms.

The art gallery at the City Arts Center was set up with a circus theme with lots of color and lots of fun picture opportunities. We also had concert wrist bands at the door for people and guitar picks as our favors. Our guestbook was a guitar!


Our biggest challenge: I think my biggest challenge was trying to get my thoughts and ideas across to some of the people in the party and family members. I had several people very confused about wearing t-shirts and when the music was going to be and how it was all going to fit together. Even my husband didn't get it sometimes. I have great friends and their support and letting me vent to them was the greatest thing ever. I had to ignore whatever everyone else was saying and just know that it was going to be the kick ass wedding that I wanted and try not to let it get to me!

Isn't he strong

My favorite moment: There are so many favorites! But one of my very favorites came after we set up for the reception the morning of the wedding. Several of our party members/friends came to help and we all went to go get breakfast after the set up. We talked and goofed off and just had a good time. There was no stress at all.

My Bouquet

My offbeat advice: Let your wedding be about love! Not only who you love, which is very important, but also what you love. We love music, going to concerts, color, Flight of the Conchords, etc… so we had a wedding of what we love. Let people see who you are through your wedding.

Enough talk — show me the wedding porn!

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