Wedding mustaches

By on Oct. 30th

moustaches for all!

Offbeat Brides and their grooms and their guests love fake mustaches. LOVE THEM. I have no idea where this trend came from, but within the last month I've seen enough mustachioed wedding parties to realize that this isn't an isolated incident. And in fact, it's not even just weddings — mustaches are everywhere.

I'm telling you, fake mustaches are hot right now, people. Fake mustaches are the new red wedding dress. Take a look at all the mustaches in the offbeat bride flickr pool!

I get that it's a trend … but can anyone tell me why? Where did it come from?

More shots from Erin & Jared's wedding below, courtesy of

moustaches for all!

erin jared

first sight.

backlit by barn

serenaded by father